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2013-Shandong Nuclear Power Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Memorabilia

2013-Shandong Nuclear Power Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Memorabilia

The Tenth Anniversary
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From January 14th to 15th, the company passed the "U" & "U2" certification review of the American ASME Association.
On January 18th, all the mechanical modules of the No.1 unit of the project were delivered.
At 19:20 on January 19th, relying on the project, the three-core nuclear power unit 1 nuclear island IHP was successfully put in place.
On January 25, the company was awarded the title of Advanced Unit for National Nuclear Power System Safety Production.
On January 29th, the third generation of nuclear power AP1000 world's first pile of CV top heads in place
On January 29, the second phase of the company passed the acceptance check of the overall project.
In February, the company won two invention patents.
In March, the company's IHP workshop won the title of “Worker Pioneer” of the National Energy Chemistry System.
At 17:01 on March 15th, Haiyang Nuclear Power Unit 1 nuclear island IHP is in place
At 9:36 on March 29, the CV top head of Haiyang Nuclear Power Unit 1 was hoisted in place.
On April 1st, the company released the CAP1400 demonstration project preparation work start order
On April 27, the National Nuclear Power Equipment Manufacturing Business Working Conference was held in Haiyang.
On April 26, the 1000-ton gantry self-closing tensile load test device passed the scientific and technological achievements appraisal
In May, Peng Fei, the employee of the company, was awarded the title of “Central Enterprise Youth Position Expert”.
On May 31, the CV supply contract for the first phase of Xu Dabao Nuclear Power Project was signed.
From July 13th to 14th, the company passed the D-class pressure vessel design (certification) license appraisal review
On the morning of July 16, the production of steel containment for the first phase of the Xu Dabao nuclear power project in Liaoning started.
On July 25, the company convened the party's mass line education practice activities mobilization meeting
On July 25, Liu Hua, chief engineer of nuclear safety of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, went to the company for research work.
On July 25, the contract for the supply of safety products such as the newly-built three-generation nuclear power project was signed.
On August 23, AP1000 nuclear power CV automatic welding process passed expert appraisal
On October 26, South Africa’s Deputy Minister of Energy Barbara Thompson visited the company.
In November, the AP1000 integrated top cover assembly was made in China.
On November 27th, CAP1400 CV manufacturing feasibility study report and budget passed expert review
From November 27th to 29th, the company passed the three-standard integration re-certification and the CNNC supplier evaluation review.
In November, the company obtained another national patent for an invention.
On December 8, the South African Ministry of Energy delegation visited our company again.
On December 31, the company's eight standards passed the measurement and construction assessment