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2012-Shandong Nuclear Power Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Memorabilia

2012-Shandong Nuclear Power Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Memorabilia

The Tenth Anniversary
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In February, the company was awarded a pressure vessel manufacturing license
On March 24th, the CAP1400 containment water distribution test project was successfully completed and handed over.
On March 31, the company won the title of “2011 Top 100 Taxpayers in the City” of Yantai City.
On April 12, the CAP1400 water distribution test facility for the major special project of pressurized water reactor was launched.
On April 12, the company successfully passed the ASME extended certificate joint inspection
In April 2012, the company was approved as a member of the Shandong Special Equipment Association.
On April 24, the company's physical and chemical laboratory passed the first-level qualification review.
At 15 o'clock on April 27, the third-generation nuclear power autonomy relied on the completion of the project steel main containment body.
On the afternoon of June 16, Ma Kai, former State Councilor and Secretary of the State Council, came to guide the work.
On June 16, the AP1000 and follow-up projects signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement on equipment procurement.
On August 24th, Haiyang Nuclear Power Unit IHP upper middle shield cover assembly was in place.
On September 20th, the third-generation nuclear power AP/CAP equipment and materials supplier meeting was held
On November 24th, the company was awarded the title of outstanding enterprise in the national power industry.
On November 30, the company became the first first-class safety production standardization enterprise in the nuclear power industry.
On December 6, the company's integrated roof assembly localization project passed the project completion acceptance
On December 19th, the company passed the annual review of the “three-standard” system.
From December 21st to 22nd, AP1000 steel containment national major special project passed pre-acceptance