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Purchasing and welding party branch 2018 warning education learning

Purchasing and welding party branch 2018 warning education learning

Alarm Bell
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In order to thoroughly implement the "Regulations on Disciplinary Actions of the Communist Party of China" and "8 Cases of Violation of Laws of Group Companies", we will convey the spirit of the Group and the company's warning education conference, strengthen the awareness of the two departments' integrity and compliance, and procure the supply department. The Welding and Training Center, the Purchasing and Welding Peasant Party Branch held the 2018 Warning Education Conference on November 22nd. The meeting was presided over by Cao Zhongyun, deputy secretary of the Party Branch of Purchasing and Welding, and the procurement and supply department and the welding and training center attended the meeting.
First of all, Cao Zhongyun informed the group company's spirit of the party discipline regulations and warning education conference, the 2018 warning education conference of the National Nuclear Equipment, and conveyed the speech of Comrade Qian Zhimin in studying and implementing the Party discipline regulations and warning education conference. Every party member of this branch is required to achieve the party's discipline, and every employee sticks to his post, prevents post and duty crimes, keeps the red line, the bottom line, the high-voltage line, and the life line, and keeps the alarm ringing.
Liu Xiurong interpret the typical cases of 8 illegal cases in the group company system, and combined with the actual work of the two departments, he made a speech on the post and duty crime prevention warning education. Emphasis is placed on careful analysis of self-discipline and post rights and responsibilities. It is necessary to recognize that once the self-monitoring consciousness is lacking, it is easy to make mistakes. No matter what job or job, you can’t use the rights in your hands and personal interests. Union, responsible for their parents, wife and children, they are still waiting for us to go home safely.
Cao Zhongyun summed up the meeting and asked each employee to summarize their experience and understanding through learning and thinking, so that everyone can understand the seriousness of corruption and bribery, remind everyone to obey the rules and discipline, support the principle, earnestly perform their duties, and strictly observe The red line and the bottom line are handled according to the system.
Text: Li Juan / Figure: Liao Suping
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