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National nuclear equipment organizes team leader security training

National nuclear equipment organizes team leader security training

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According to the 2018 Safe Production Month Activity Program, on June 13, the National Nuclear Equipment held a special training on team leader safety. The training centered on the theme of “How the team leader does a good job in safety production management”, combined with accident case explanations, covering the safety training of the team, the identification of hazard sources, the management of hidden dangers, emergency measures, and daily management of the team.
General Manager Wang Hongtao participated in the training and emphasized in the training: 1. The team leader is the person closest to the “battlefield”. The team safety management is the basis of the company's safety management; 2. The team safety training, the focus is on the understanding, It is necessary for the grassroots employees to know the operational risks and how to identify the risks and strictly abide by the operating procedures. 3. The team should strengthen the safety culture construction and gradually realize the safety and self-management. Everyone is a safety officer. The team leader is both a manager and a supervisor. Coach; 4, the team leader is the first person responsible for the safety of the team. The responsibility of the team leader is to ensure that there are no unsafe behaviors in the operation area, and there is no unsafe state. The management personnel at all levels guarantee no management defects, and the safety work can be foolproof.
The national nuclear equipment full-time safety management personnel, the production department supervisors, the construction section chief, the procurement and supply department warehouse supervisor, the warehouse operation class monitor, and the external cooperation industry units, etc., participated in the training. (Text / Huang Caide)