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Hundreds of questions about nuclear power, how is our national nuclear power equipment manufacturing capacity?

Hundreds of questions about nuclear power, how is our national nuclear power equipment manufacturing capacity?

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The cost of a million-kilowatt nuclear power unit is about 20 billion yuan. According to the calculation of a nuclear power unit with an installed capacity of 90 million kilowatts in 2025, it needs to invest 1.8 trillion yuan, and nuclear power equipment accounts for almost half of the total cost of nuclear power, or 900 billion yuan. The nuclear power equipment market will bring more space to the equipment market as nuclear power “goes out” to make substantial progress.
In recent years, the state, local governments and enterprises have invested a large amount of money to build nuclear power equipment R&D and manufacturing bases. Now they have formed three major nuclear power equipment manufacturing bases with Shanghai Electric, Dongfang Electric and Harbin Electric Group as the mainstays; China’s one heavy and two heavy The main large forgings and reactor container manufacturing group; and a number of nuclear grade pump valves, internal components, control rod drive mechanism, ring crane, main pipeline, nuclear grade cable and other ancillary equipment professional manufacturers.
The development of the nuclear power industry has not only brought a huge market for the development of the equipment manufacturing industry, but also promoted the industrial upgrading of the equipment manufacturing industry. The nuclear power equipment is huge, the quality and life expectancy are high, and the process technology is complex. In the past, it was often held in the hands of a few countries such as the United States, Japan, France, Russia, South Korea, and Germany. In recent years, with the development of nuclear power, the localization rate of nuclear power equipment in China has gradually increased. For example, the second phase of Ling'ao nuclear power should reach no less than 50% of Unit 1, and No. 2 unit should be no less than 70%; Hongyanhe Nuclear Power Phase I The overall localization ratio of the project is not less than 70%, and the proportion of important equipment localization is not less than 90%; another example: through the localization process of 4 sets of AP1000 units, the localization ratio of each unit is: 30%, 50 %, 60% and 70%, on average about 55%. The development of nuclear power has made a rapid breakthrough in China's high-end equipment capabilities and quality. At present, China has the capacity to produce 10 sets (sets) or more of nuclear power units per year, and the nuclear power equipment manufacturing capacity ranks first in the world.