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Ignite the light of life, love continues hope

Ignite the light of life, love continues hope

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"Every donation is full of the company's employees' feelings and care for Shao Zhisheng." Recently, Shandong Nuclear Power Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. organized a donation and relief activities for the sick volunteers Shao Zhitong throughout the company. The event raised a total of 12,9101.6 yuan. Up to now, the company's trade unions have delivered all the funds to the families of the employees.
Shao Zhiwei is a riveting worker in the large assembly workshop of the production department. Since he joined the work, he has been fighting for the first line of construction, working hard and working hard. In December last year, he felt unwell at work and went to Yantai Yuding Hospital for examination. He was unfortunately diagnosed with T lymphoblastic lymphoma/acute lymphocytic leukemia. This bad news is undoubtedly a blue sky for Shao Zhizhen’s relatives who have difficulties in their families. After the diagnosis of illness, his family suffered tremendous psychological pressure and contacted the hematologists of Qilu Hospital of Shandong University for chemotherapy and bone marrow matching. On one side, he raised huge medical expenses and used it as a bone marrow transplant.
Knowing this situation, the company's leaders attach great importance to it, and specialize in the study of the work of the party committee to determine the synergy of all employees to help the sick workers to tide over the difficulties. The company's trade unions actively called for and issued an initiative to all employees, and received positive response from the staff. Under the leadership of the company's leaders, everyone you 1000, I 500, each branch of the union quickly acted, gathered together a love of love into a rainbow of love, for the sick workers to bring the warmth and light of life as soon as possible.

On the morning of April 7, Shao Zhijun’s sister came to the company. She introduced Shao Zhi’s current condition and treatment. She said that Shao Zhixuan is currently in stable condition, has a strong desire to survive, and is prepared to fight against the disease. On behalf of the company's trade union, Chen Jiehua, deputy secretary of the party committee, secretary of the Disciplinary Committee and chairman of the labor union, handed over the donation of love to the family members of the sick workers, and expressed deep condolences to them. I hope that the family members of the patients can convey the feelings and care of all employees as soon as possible to help him courageously face difficulties. , ignited hope to overcome the disease.
Shao Zhixuan’s family members, who received the donation from their loved ones, said with excitement: “Thanks to the concern of the company’s leaders, thank the company’s employees’ brothers and sisters for raising money for Zhizhi’s treatment. I will convey the condolences and deep feelings of the company’s leadership to him. After a speedy recovery, strive to return to the company as soon as possible, return the company and return everyone." (Contribution, Photography / Party Work Department)
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