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Visit the warning education base and build a defense against corruption

Visit the warning education base and build a defense against corruption

Clean Government
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Visit the warning education base and build a defense against corruption
--National nuclear equipment organization cadres receive anti-corruption warning education

In order to further enhance the concept of party spirit, education guides the majority of party members and cadres to strengthen the awareness of honesty and self-discipline, and strictly observe the bottom line of discipline. On April 14, Shandong Nuclear Power Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “National Nuclear Equipment”) organized the above-mentioned cadres and key positions. Forty-two people went to the Laishan District Procuratorate to visit the anti-corruption warning education base and accept the education and education of integrity.
All the staff first visited the Integrity Education Exhibition Hall. Entering the exhibition hall, with the explanation of the staff, a long scroll of integrity knowledge began to unfold. The rich graphic display panels and various types of sound, light and electric equipment have introduced in detail the extraordinary process of China's anti-corruption and honesty, the important expositions of the party's central party leaders on the construction of party style and clean government, and the passage of the case. The form explains the party-state and country law, deeply analyzes the reasons leading to the leading cadres of party members to the abyss of corruption, deeply explores the thoughts and lessons raised by corruption cases, and shows visitors that corruption has brought the country, the people, the family, and the self. Serious harm.
After the completion of the warning education base, Director Liu Xiaojun of the Crime Prevention Office of the Yantai City Procuratorate conducted a special lecture on the prevention of duty crimes for all personnel. During the lecture period, Liu Xiaojun focused on the reform of the Party Central Committee's anti-corruption campaign, the seriousness of the anti-corruption situation, the form of duty crimes, and the methods of preventing duty crimes, and enabled the lecturers to pass the typical cases and news events of public concern. The most direct and clear interpretation of the occurrence process and serious consequences of duty crimes.
Finally, Chen Zhanghua, deputy secretary of the National Nuclear Equipment Party Committee, secretary of the Disciplinary Committee, and chairman of the labor union, made a concluding remark, once again reminding everyone to strengthen "discipline awareness, legal awareness, red line awareness" and stick to the "sistering of the well" to do their job well.

"Tighten the string and clean the warning bell." This visit is an important part of the national nuclear equipment to carry out anti-corruption education activities. This is a special and vivid anti-corruption education class. It gives all the staff a profound party discipline and legal education class, reminding everyone to take time to prevent the micro-duration, keep the bottom line, stay away from the high-voltage line, and consciously resist all kinds of temptations and corrosion. Party members and cadres have indicated that they must take precepts in their future work and life, constantly improve party spirit, strengthen work style, strengthen ideals and beliefs, enhance integrity and self-discipline, innocent people, clean things, and maintain the health of nuclear equipment. Development contributes strength. (Feed / Liu Xiuyan Photography / Zhou Wei)