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Party building

Leaders of the National Nuclear Power Party Group Work Department went to the company to investigate party building work

Leaders of the National Nuclear Power Party Group Work Department went to the company to investigate party building work

Party Building Work
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On April 13, 2017, the National Nuclear Power Technology Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “National Nuclear Power”) Deputy Director of the Party Group Work Department Gao clean led a team to Shandong Nuclear Power Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “National Nuclear Equipment”) to conduct party building research. . Chen Zhanghua, deputy secretary of the party committee, secretary of the Disciplinary Committee and chairman of the labor union, presided over the research meeting.

At the meeting, Secretary Chen Zhanghua introduced the ideas of the party building work of Shandong Nuclear Power Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in 2017, the key work of the company in the first quarter and the main work in the near future, and put forward opinions and suggestions on the deliberation work of the party committee secretary.
Participants also conducted in-depth discussions on how the party building work under the new situation and new tasks revolved around the work of the enterprise center. The participants spoke freely, talked about the experience, checked the problems, and found ways to start from this post, and actively made suggestions for the company's party building work to "integrate into the center and create value."

After listening, the High Cleansing Director put forward requirements for the party building work of the National Nuclear Equipment from five aspects. First, we must constantly develop ideas, strengthen understanding, and promote the in-depth integration of party building and business work. Second, leading cadres at all levels of the company must recognize the value of party building work and raise awareness of the importance of party building work. Third, we must strengthen the foundation of party building. Work, matching and strengthening the party group and party workers, will understand the higher level of work requirements and pioneering work, and more actively focus on the actual effect of party building work; Fourth, to create more for the party and staff Learning and training opportunities to further expand your horizons. He also mentioned in particular the nature of nuclear equipment in the country, and should continue to think about "how to carry out the work of the party in the workers' group" and other important propositions.
All employees of the company's party and group work department and key members of the party work group attended the forum. (Feeding, Photography / Party Work Department)