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National Nuclear Equipment held 2017 traffic safety training

National Nuclear Equipment held 2017 traffic safety training

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On March 31, 2017, the police officers of the Traffic Police Brigade of Haiyang Public Security Bureau entered the national nuclear equipment and gave a vivid traffic safety training course for the employees of the company.

This company adheres to the traffic safety education mechanism that has been used for many years. Every year, it uses various forms of education and training in the spring to strengthen the management of traffic safety in the factory and how employees can travel safely as the main content of education and training. During the course of the lecture, the instructor combined with the video to explain in detail the causes and cases of traffic accidents and how to prevent traffic accidents. In the classroom, the traffic police teacher used a large number of traffic accident data analysis and lively video to capture the nerves of the students, presenting the traffic accidents that occurred in production and life from time to time, and leading everyone to analyze the reasons and propose The solution has effectively played a warning role and improved the safety awareness of employees on road traffic.

This traffic safety training aims to further strengthen road traffic safety, ensure all employees “safe travel, civilized travel”, and continuously improve the traffic safety awareness of the majority of cadres and workers. More than 280 national nuclear equipment participated in the training.