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National Nuclear Equipment Deployment 2017 Work Task

National Nuclear Equipment Deployment 2017 Work Task

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On the morning of January 20, 2017, Shandong Nuclear Power Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (referred to as “National Nuclear Equipment”) held the 2017 work conference and the second session of the Staff Representative Conference. The meeting conveyed the spirit of the 2017 work conference of the group company and the national nuclear power, summed up the 2016 work of the national nuclear equipment, analyzed the situation, unified the thinking, and arranged for the deployment of the 2017 key tasks.
At the meeting, Wang Hongtao, the general manager and deputy secretary of the party committee, gave a work report titled “Metically Organizing Production, Deepening Internal Reform, Improving Management Level, and Completing the Tasks of 2017 in Quality and Safety”. The report pointed out that under the correct leadership of the National Power Investment and the National Nuclear Power Party Group in 2016, the national nuclear equipment united and led the broad masses of cadres and employees, not afraid of obstacles, and overcome difficulties, especially in the case of losses in the first half of 2016, through the team members. The sincere cooperation and the joint efforts of all staff have turned losses into profits in the second half of the year, overcoming the unfavorable factors such as the lack of construction of follow-up projects. In 2016, the company successfully completed the business target of the national nuclear power at the beginning of the year, and completed operating income of 70.47 million yuan in the whole year. Realized a profit of 35.15 million yuan.
According to the report, in the past year, the national nuclear equipment has mainly carried out production activities based on the workshop manufacturing, on-site construction and assembly of the follow-up project products such as product finishing and demonstration, and successfully completed the annual production tasks. On-site assembly and installation meet the progress requirements, market development has achieved remarkable results, scientific research and innovation capabilities have continued to improve, the sunflower project has been fully promoted, safety has always maintained a good situation, institutional adjustment and cadre employment have achieved practical results, basic management capabilities have continued to improve, and party building has been further strengthened.
The work report analyzes the current situation of nuclear equipment in the country and clarifies the overall work ideas and key work arrangements of the company in 2017. Wang Hongtao emphasized that with the completion of the hot test of the two units relying on the project, the AP1000 has no subversive technical problems and has the conditions for mass construction. During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, China will start construction of nuclear power at a rate of 6-8 units per year. The unit, CAP1000 will become one of the major nuclear power technology routes in China. It is expected that the demonstration power station and follow-up projects will be fully approved within the year, and the national nuclear equipment will usher in the unprecedented peak of manufacturing and on-site installation.
In 2017, under the correct leadership of the National Power Investment and the National Nuclear Power Party Group, the National Nuclear Equipment will decompose and implement the objectives set by the 13th Five-Year Development Plan, comprehensively deepen the internal reform of the company, enhance the development momentum of the enterprise, and implement comprehensive plan management and planning. And solve the bottleneck resources that restrict production, and achieve balanced and orderly production; continue to carry out new product research and development, new technology innovation, new process improvement, new method research, enhance the company's endogenous power; and effectively carry out cost reduction and efficiency activities, Optimize the production process, promote standardization construction, reduce process errors, establish cost quotas, dispose of non-performing assets, revitalize inventory materials, strictly control asset investment, effectively increase input-output ratio, comprehensively reduce production costs and management costs, and substantially improve the company's economic benefits. . Further develop information construction, do top-level design, develop main functional modules, and enhance internal and external collaborative work capabilities and work efficiency. Further carry out party building and corporate culture construction, strengthen the comprehensive management of the party, vigorously carry out anti-corruption activities, strengthen the company's internal supervision functions, and create a positive development environment for the company.
The meeting arranged for the ten tasks to be completed in 2017: optimizing production planning and balancing production; balancing procurement and supply management to ensure production demand; doing business settlement work well to ensure the normal implementation of company contracts; Thinking to ensure the company's sustainable development; earnestly reduce costs and increase efficiency, reduce product cost, enhance the company's market competitiveness; do real security management to ensure safe production; promote information construction, enhance the company's efficient and collaborative office capacity; deepen internal Reform, enhance the vitality of enterprises; further carry out research on new products and new processes; comprehensively strengthen party building and continue to promote the building of party style and clean government.
Wang Guowei, chairman of the company and secretary of the party committee, made a concluding speech. Wang Guozhen pointed out that the overall work of the national nuclear equipment in 2017 should be subject to the comprehensive work of the national nuclear power and be listed for the national nuclear power. It is necessary to fully affirm the achievements of the work in 2016, carefully analyze the existing deficiencies, and profoundly understand the situation facing the development of the industry. He pointed out that to do a good job in 2017, we must grasp several key issues: to further improve product technology, control management costs, standardize management processes, improve safety and quality management, accelerate the construction of information platform, and comprehensively upgrade national nuclear equipment. Management level; we must deepen market development to ensure market share; we must continue to do a good job of confidentiality, strengthen the building of cadres, continuously improve the ability to build a clean and honest government, and strengthen party building and group building. Wang Guozhen stressed that after the meeting, we must conscientiously and timely convey the spirit of the meeting, earnestly do a good job in security and stability, and do a good job in the production work in the first quarter of 2017 to ensure a clean and peaceful Spring Festival.
At the meeting, Wang Guokai, chairman of the board of directors and party secretary, and Chen Zhanghua, chairman of the labor union, signed a collective wage agreement. General Manager Wang Hongtao and the relevant departments signed the 2017 Safety Target Responsibility Letter. The conference commended the company's 2016 “Top Ten Employees”.

A total of 119 people from the leadership of the State Nuclear Equipment Corporation, the heads of departments and above, and the staff representatives attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Chen Zhanghua, deputy secretary of the party committee, secretary of the Disciplinary Committee, and chairman of the labor union. (Feed / Wang Yunxia Photography / Xue Xiran Liu Guiping)