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The national nuclear operation successfully completed the pre-service inspection project of Haiyang Nuclear Power Unit 1

The national nuclear operation successfully completed the pre-service inspection project of Haiyang Nuclear Power Unit 1

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At 11:40 am on March 9, 2017, with the end of the ultrasonic inspection project for the venting pipe penetration of the reactor pressure vessel top cover, Haiyang Nuclear Power Co., Ltd. under the Nuclear Power Plant Operation Service Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “National Nuclear Operation”) The pre-service inspection of all units of the unit was completed, marking the successful completion of the pre-service inspection project of Unit 1 of Haiyang Nuclear Power.
The main contents of pre-service inspection include steam generator heat transfer tube inspection, steam generator and main pump connection weld inspection, reactor pressure vessel inspection, reactor pressure vessel top cover inspection, reactor pressure vessel internal component inspection, reactor pressure vessel main Projects such as bolt and nut inspection, main equipment and pipeline support inspection, including ultrasonic, eddy current, infiltration, visual inspection and other inspection methods, the task is arduous and full of challenges. The project has been in operation since July 2014 and has been in operation for more than two years. The National Nuclear Operation attaches great importance to this inspection work, and is equipped with experienced technical team and management team as well as the industry's first-class testing equipment. The inspection project team has always adhered to the work attitude of “safety first, quality first, customer first”. Under the strong support of Shandong Nuclear Power Co., Ltd. and other relevant units, it has overcome the tight time, heavy tasks, high risk of cross-operation, and inspection items. Many difficulties and other difficulties, in strict accordance with the project schedule requirements, successfully completed all tasks of Haiyang No. 1 unit pre-service inspection.
The pre-service inspection project of Haiyang Nuclear Power Unit 1 is the first full-scale inspection service for the power station under the national nuclear operation. It is a milestone in the development history of the national nuclear operation enterprise. The successful completion of the project not only fully demonstrated the achievements of the national nuclear operation enterprise's capacity building in the past nine years, but also fully demonstrated the core competence, technical level and service quality of the national nuclear operation, and laid the foundation for the smooth loading of Haiyang Nuclear Power Unit No.1. solid foundation. In the follow-up, the national nuclear operation will continue to escort the safe operation of the Haiyang Nuclear Power Unit.
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