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State Power Investment Director and Deputy Secretary of the Party Group Jiang Yi investigates nuclear equipment

State Power Investment Director and Deputy Secretary of the Party Group Jiang Yi investigates nuclear equipment

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On July 24, Jiang Yi, the director of the State Power Investment Corporation and deputy secretary of the party group, and his party investigated the nuclear equipment of the country.

After listening to the reports on the nuclear power equipment production and operation, the party group work inspection and rectification, and the selection and inspection of the personnel, Jiang Yi proposed to unite, inspire, and strengthen confidence in the current operational pressures and difficulties faced by the nuclear equipment. He had a cordial discussion with the members of the national nuclear equipment leadership team and put forward two major requirements: First, we must play a good role as a platform for equipment manufacturing enterprises.
Jiang Yi pointed out that the group company is actively cooperating with Shandong Province to promote the transformation of new and old kinetic energy. The national nuclear equipment is the sole unit of the group company. As the sole equipment manufacturing enterprise of the group company, it is necessary to give full play to the formation of AP1000 relying on the project construction process. Good practice and unique equipment manufacturing advantages, we must firmly grasp the period of major development opportunities brought about by the transformation of new and old kinetic energy in Shandong Province, seize opportunities, open up markets, do a good job of development, do a good job in technical reserves, talent reserves, and play well. The platform role of manufacturing companies. Second, we must continue to do a good job in party building. Jiang Yi demanded that first, we must uphold the party's leadership and unswervingly, and effectively play the role of the party's political core and leadership core. Second, we must constantly improve the quality of party building work, focusing on the construction of party branches, and we must grasp the party branch and party branch secretary. Well, build a characteristic party branch, and effectively play the leading role of the party’s fighting bastion and party members.

During the period, Secretary Jiang Yi and his team investigated the nuclear equipment CV workshop, module workshop and large assembly workshop. During the on-site investigation process, Secretary Jiang Yi walked and watched, from time to time, carefully understanding the production and manufacturing of related products, and inquired about the SC shielding factory house module, structural module, integrated top cover assembly ("IHP") product, and Application principles such as personnel gates, equipment gates, fuel grid simulations, and workshop manufacturing progress.

Yu Wenbao, member of the National Nuclear Power Party Group and deputy general manager, Xia Zhongshu, secretary of the National Electricity Investment Committee, accompanied by the State Power Investment Office and members of the National Nuclear Equipment Leading Group.