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Safety Shell Bottom Head Welding Assembly
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Safety Shell Bottom Head Welding Assembly

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The steel containment is a barrier that prevents the release of radioactive materials into the environment and is the passive safety-grade heat exchange interface of the final heat sink. As a heat exchange interface for the final heat sink (the surrounding environment and external cooling water), the steel containment is a complete structure in the composition of the Passive Containment Cooling System (PCS). Its main function is to remove enough energy from the containment to ensure that the containment is not overpressured in the design basis accident; its outer surface can be used for evaporative cooling of the liquid film under Design Basis Accident (DBA), and It is integrated with the outer shield structure, air deflector, etc. to form natural convection of the air, thereby reducing the temperature and pressure in the containment. The steel containment is a free standing cylindrical steel vessel containing an oval bottom seal and a top seal. The utility model is divided into five module sections: a bottom sealing head, a cylinder ring, a cylinder second ring, a cylinder three ring and a top sealing head. The equipment has a safety rating of SC-2, a diameter of about 40 meters, a height of 66 meters, and a total container weight of about 4000t.
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