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Member of the National Nuclear Power Party Group and Deputy General Manager Zeng Jun investigated the nuclear equipment of the country
National nuclear equipment fully deployed in 2017 party building group work
National Nuclear Equipment held the first season of 2017 "Book of the Future" reading exchange meeting
Leaders of the National Nuclear Power Party Group Work Department went to the company to investigate party building work
Ignite the light of life, love continues hope
National Nuclear Equipment Deployment 2017 Work Task
Teachers and students of North China Electric Power University visited the nuclear equipment of the country
Statement on the recent criminals posing as criminals in our company
National nuclear equipment ranks among the "2016 Yantai Economic Development Models"
National Nuclear Equipment held 2017 traffic safety training
More than 100,000 people have taken refuge outside the Fukushima nuclear accident in Japan
EU approves Hungary to expand Poksh nuclear power plant
The new restructuring plan of Dongdian will be released. The nuclear power and transmission and distribution business will be adjusted
China and Thailand sign an agreement on cooperation in the peaceful use of nuclear energy
AP1000 passed the UK Nuclear Regulatory Review

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